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How To Add Your Own Business Listing

Need a little Help?

Follow these Quick steps to set up your own personal listing.

Step 1: Choosing Your Package

The first step involves choosing the listing package you want. We have three options with varying prices that you can choose from here. You can choose between Basic, Standard and Premium packages. The higher the package price, the more benefits you will receive. Decide which one you want, and then click “Buy Now”.


Step 2: Filling in Your Listing Information

After choosing a package you will be brought to a listing page form, where you will have to fill in different fields and add in information about your business. This information will be displayed on the website and will be shown to people who visit your listing.


This includes adding a description of your business and what you do, adding pictures, and your contact details. Varying on the package, you can also add a youtube video (see how here) and a place to put your website link if you have one. The more information you add, the better your chances of attracting potential buyers who come to the site, so make sure you fill in all the fields correctly.


Once you have completed adding all the relevant information into the different fields, scroll to the bottom and make sure you check the “Please accept our terms and conditions” checkbox, which has all our terms and conditions for creating listings on our website, and then click on the “Review Your Listing Button”. This will take you to your listing page on the front-end of the website. This will show you what it will look like when it is up, and how visitors to the site will see your listing.


If you get stuck or have trouble filling into your listing information, contact us here.


Step 3: Upgrading Your Listing Package (Optional)

If you want to upgrade your listing package, browse to your listing page on the website and click on the “Upgrade Listing” button located on the right-hand sidebar.


Once clicked you will be brought back to the add a listing form that you first used to create your listing. At the top of the page, you will see three options to choose what type of price package you want. Decide what package you want to upgrade to, click on it, scroll to the bottom and then click the “Review My Listing” button to update the change.


Note that when you click on an upgraded price plan, the page will refresh and new fields will be added into the form. Make sure you take full advantage of these fields and fill them in.


Also, note that you can also use this feature to downgrade your listing OR update listing information if needed.


If you have any other queries please contact us here.